UseProof Alternative

Who May Find Cue to be a More Suitable UseProof Alternative?

At Cue, we like to think that e-commerce and SaaS niches (but also event promotion, content marketing, etc) are those that can benefit the most from using our social proof tool. However, as we offer fully customizable social proof notifications, meaning you can fill-in virtually any data and content when creating your Cue notifications, our tool can boost your conversion rates regardless of the niche your business operates in, as long as your industry involves users/consumers that is. 

Though Pulse by UseProof is an extremely powerful competitor tool with an amazing set of handy features, we believe Cue can be a more cost-effective and high-yielding UseProof alternative app for businesses of all shapes and sizes, with focus on SMBs (Small & Medium-Sized Businesses) and microbusinesses that are trying to build their user/customer base nearly from scratch. 

Naturally, well-established companies and enterprises can also significantly increase their conversion rates, extend their consumer base, and build an even stronger brand by using Cue.

What Makes Cue a Better UseProof Alternative?


Though two products of the same type tend to be in the same pricing ballpark, UseProof’s Pulse and Cue feature very different pricing ranges. While Pulse’s monthly premium pricing is $199 per 100k unique visits at the time of writing (their price is scalable and limits the number of unique visits/notifications), Cue’s premium account is available at $30 per month with all features unlocked without limiting the number of unique visits or notifications. 

We strongly believe this is a more affordable approach to pricing, especially for businesses that are just starting out and have limited marketing resources.

Both tools have 14-day premium free trials, but Cue is a freemium tool, which means you can have and use the free version of our tool (including features like Unlimited impressions, 10 Customizable settings, email support) for the rest of your life free of any charge or credit card information. 


As we already mentioned, UseProof offers certain features that are not available with Cue, like A/B testing. Our tool, however, offers certain traits that are not available to Pulse users, and these features include:

→ Intercom Integration

Cue has a connection with Intercom, possibly the number 1 customer relationship platform for businesses across the globe. This means that you can set Cue up so it pulls the user activity data from Intercom and feeds it automatically to your notifications. So, if you have a customer-based product for which you use Intercom, you simply connect your Intercom account with Cue, and let your customer data (created accounts, new clients, purchases, etc) do the social proofing for you. 

→ Unlimited Number of Unique Visitors 

While our competitor limits the number of unique visitors according to the price range you choose, using Cue as a UseProof alternative tool will get you (even with a freemium account) an unlimited number of unique users with an unlimited number of impressions. 

→ Full Customization of Notifications & Data 

Cue gives you all the freedom you want in terms of campaign settings like type of notifications, duration, frequency… but more importantly, it provides you with an option to show custom data to your visitors and therefore further tailor your social proof campaigns according to your unique needs. 

→ “White Label” Notifications (or Customizable Branding)

Cue lets you customize the verification data as well, which means you can set up and customize the “verified by _______” copy segment in your notifications and customize your branding white-label style. 

Why Users
Love Cue?

Aaron Weller

“My marketing team wasn’t even aware we needed a tool like Cue. So far this simple software allowed us to improve our lead generation by circa 14%, which will definitely be projected onto our conversions. Looking forward to this month’s reports.”
Owner of

John Blaese

“A freemium tool that can kick your conversion rates through the roof? Of course I gave it a try. I’d be a fool not to.”
Product Analyst

Ella Huffington

“As our startup company doesn’t have an inhouse advertising team, I have to do most of the heavy lifting myself. This free tool helped me cut my efforts in half. Recommending Cue is a no-brainer.”
Startup Owner

Daniel Smith

“As a SaaS developer, I always knew I could somehow leverage all the unused client data that we get through Intercom, but I never had enough time to really crack it. The team behind Cue did it, and they did it the right way. Turning data into insight and leads has always been the holy grail of online marketing. Cue managed to remove the “holy” part out of the equation.”
SaaS Developer

Simon Machuret

“To me, Social Proof was one of those aspects of our niche that was never given the proper chance to shine. If running a SaaS product was NBA, Cue would be the best bench player this season.”