Increase Your eComm Sales up to +15% with Customized Social Proof and FOMO Signals

Elevate Your eComm Conversion rates, Engagement and Trust With our Social Proof and FOMO App

In today’s digital landscape, leveraging the power of social proof and the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ (FOMO) is essential for boosting your conversion rates and enhancing user engagement.

By leveraging our CSV data upload feature, you are not just promoting a product or service; you are creating an ecosystem of trust, engagement, and conversion that dynamically grows with your business. Embrace this powerful tool to shape a compelling narrative that builds visitor trust and catalyzes decisive action, propelling your e-commerce website to new heights of success.

At The Trustmaker, we’re committed to delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of new E-Commerce platforms that still lack the initial flow of trial users.


Our latest features are designed to transform how you connect with your audience, with a proven track record of building trust, creating urgency, and increasing conversions and sales by 10-15%.

Unique Social Proof and FOMO Solution for New eComm Websites

Custom CSV Data Uploads of Sales and Users to Generate Social Proof

Use human psychology to unleash the potential of your new eCommerce store with our CSV data upload feature.

This feature is a game-changer for new eComm websites, allowing you to create and personalize synthetic social proof and FOMO signals, which then lead to more organic conversions that, in return, feed your social proof and FOMO CRO machine even more.

Jumpstart your growth or scale your business with the trustworthiness we enable, shaping a narrative that resonates with your audience, builds visitor trust, and encourages decisive action.

Bespoke Popup Cue Customiation for Maximal Conversion Rate Boost

Customize Cue popup notifications with information that matters to create a more impactful user experience.

Tailoring your Cues’ content, design, and verification sources is not just about aesthetics; it’s about crafting a message that resonates with your audience.

This level of customization goes far beyond what standard notifications offer. It’s not just about displaying information; it’s about crafting a narrative that’s uniquely yours, especially if you are using some other validation tool as the “Verified by” entity.

This approach instills a deeper level of trust in your visitors, transforming casual browsers into engaged users.

By guiding the perception of your brand in this way, you’re not just informing – you’re persuading and encouraging your visitors to move naturally toward your desired actions, be it a subscription, purchase, or any other engagement.

Why Users
Love Cue?

Aaron Weller

“My marketing team wasn’t even aware we needed a tool like Cue. So far this simple software allowed us to improve our lead generation by circa 14%, which will definitely be projected onto our conversions. Looking forward to this month’s reports.”
Owner of

John Blaese

“A freemium tool that can kick your conversion rates through the roof? Of course I gave it a try. I’d be a fool not to.”
Product Analyst

Ella Huffington

“As our startup company doesn’t have an inhouse advertising team, I have to do most of the heavy lifting myself. This free tool helped me cut my efforts in half. Recommending Cue is a no-brainer.”
Startup Owner

Daniel Smith

“As a SaaS developer, I always knew I could somehow leverage all the unused client data that we get through Intercom, but I never had enough time to really crack it. The team behind Cue did it, and they did it the right way. Turning data into insight and leads has always been the holy grail of online marketing. Cue managed to remove the “holy” part out of the equation.”
SaaS Developer

Simon Machuret

“To me, Social Proof was one of those aspects of our niche that was never given the proper chance to shine. If running a SaaS product was NBA, Cue would be the best bench player this season.”